• About Us

In a world threatened by increasing energy consumption and waste, DatArcs is cutting data center equipment expenditure and energy costs by making better use of existing hardware. DatArcs Optimizer dynamically tunes existing hardware and software to the current workload, achieving improved performance from existing hardware while consuming less energy. DatArcs is part of the Runway program in the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute of Cornell Tech, NYC.




Meet The Team

Tomer Morad, CEO

DatArcs is led by Tomer Morad, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in management, business development, and technical leadership in the industry. Prior to co-founding DatArcs, Tomer co-founded and served as CEO of transSpot, a provider of digital advertising solutions for the digital signage market. Before that, Tomer served as CTO and Chairman of transSpot, Chief Security Officer at Horizon Semiconductors, and a technical team leader at an intelligence unit in the Israel Defense Forces. Tomer holds a PhD from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, which focused on energy-efficient system resource allocation.

Andrey Gelman, CTO

Andrey is an expert in server and embedded Linux, and leads the development efforts at DatArcs. Andrey’s experience includes serving as software engineer at CompuLab, software engineer at LSI Corporation, and firmware engineer at Horizon Semiconductors. Andrey has also served as a technical officer in the Signal Corps of the Israel Defense Forces. Andrey holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

 Uri Weiser, CSO

Uri Weiser is the Chief Science Officer of DatArcs, and is a Professor emeritus at the Electrical Engineering department, the Technion IIT., Haifa Israel. Prof. Weiser worked at Intel from 1988 till 2007, where he initiated the definition of the first Pentium® processor, drove the definition of Intel’s MMX™ technology, co-invented the Trace Cache, co-managed the a new Intel Microprocessor Design Center at Austin, Texas and formed an Advanced Media applications research activity. Weiser was appointed an Intel Fellow in 1996, in 2002 he became an IEEE Fellow and in 2005 an ACM Fellow. Prof. Weiser was awarded the ChipEx Global Industry leader award in 2016 and the ACM/IEE prestigious Eckert Mauchly award in 2016. Prior to his career at Intel, Prof. Weiser led the design of the NS32532 microprocessor at National Semiconductor.

David Levine

David Levine, Mentor

As a CPA/MBA, David provides financial, strategic and operational advisory services serving in the role of a CFO/COO to companies. His client base has included companies  in technology, energy, software, wireless and sports. Prior to his consulting business, David has held positions such as CFO of a smart grid network provider, President of an Israeli technology company, Controller of a telecom subsidiary of an investor owned utility, SVP – Finance (CFO) of an interactive digital media company and a VP – M&A for a global wholesale telecom carrier. David is mentoring DatArcs with his expertise in cleantech and early stage businesses.