Boosting Server Performance and Energy Efficiency

DatArcs is developing the next generation dynamic tuning software for data centers. Using patent-pending technology, DatArcs Optimizer dynamically tunes operating system and processor parameters according to the currently running programs. DataArcs Optimizer learns and adapts to different phases of program execution for achieving superior performance and energy efficiency compared with traditional manual tuning.

How It Works

Step 1: Install

Install DatArcs Optimizer on your servers. Installation is a breeze and takes less than 5 minutes.

Step 2: Learn

DatArcs Optimizer learns and gathers information about your system and workload for several hours.

Step 3: Optimize

DatArcs Optimizer adapts your server to the workload several times per minute, achieving higher performance or lower energy consumption.

Main Features

Maximizes Performance

Squeeze the maximum performance out of your servers.

Minimizes Energy Consumption

Run your servers as efficiently as possible and cut your energy bill.

Tunes Quickly

The 100’s of knobs in your system are tuned for your workload within hours, with no manual intervention.

Works with Bare Metal, Containers and VMs

DatArcs Optimizer achieves the greatest speedups and greatest energy reductions on bare-metal servers that run native applications and containers. It can even tune within virtual machines.

Automatically adapts to new workloads

DatArcs Optimizer monitors your workload continuously and tunes your servers accordingly. There’s no need to spend precious IT resources on manual re-tuning.

Adapts to your system

DatArcs Optimizer automatically detects your unique hardware and software configuration and discovers opportunities to tune your specific system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I expect to achieve from DatArcs Optimizer on my system?

A: The actual energy savings or performance improvements depend on your server configuration and on your workload, but you can expect above 10% improvement in performance or energy consumption over baseline systems with no special optimization.

Q: How much effort do I need to invest to use DatArcs Optimizer?

A: DatArcs Optimizer is completely automatic. All you need to do is install the package, so no per-application or per-server configuration files. Please see the documentation for more details.

Q: How can I test it?

A: DatArcs Optimizer is now in closed beta. If you wish to test it in your data center please contact us and we will provide you with credentials for the download page.

Q: I’m tuning my servers by hand already. Would I benefit from using DatArcs Optimizer? 

A: Yes! Workload characteristics change frequently even during the run, as programs have phases. Static tuning that does not change during execution will achieve inferior results compared with dynamic tuning for each workload phase.

Q: Do I need a bare-metal server to benefit from DatArcs Optimizer? 

A: Preferably DatArcs Optimizer runs on the bare metal server, which can run kvm or any other virtualization technology. In the future DatArcs Optimizer will support running within VMs.

Q: What’s the difference between dynamic voltage frequency scaling (DVFS) and DatArcs Optimizer? 

A: DatArcs Optimizer tunes hundreds of knobs within the system, comprised of OS knobs and processor knobs. DVFS is just one knob in the system.

Q: Can I tune containers? 

A: Absolutely! DatArcs Optimizer natively supports containers.

Q: I have more questions. 

A: We’d love to hear them, please contact us!